About Us

Our Mission

Circus Juventas, a performing arts circus school for youth, is dedicated to inspiring artistry and self-confidence through a multi-cultural circus arts experience.

Our Purpose

Circus training is a non-traditional athletic activity which provides an alternative to organized sports. At Circus Juventas, no child is ever disappointed by not "making the team" or not being allowed to perform. Every child is given the opportunity to grow and be challenged. Combining athleticism with the arts, the purpose of Circus Juventas is to:

  • Offer an evironment in which boys and girls work and train side-by-side as equals, learning together the values of discipline and hard work;
  • Foster mentoring relationships between older and younger children, between peers, and between adults in the community and children of all ages;
  • Train all children as a team, from superior athletes to those less gifted;
  • Teach students the value of contributing to society through performances at community and charitable events.
1270 Montreal Avenue‚ • St Paul, MN 55116‚ • Phone: 651-699-8229‚ • Fax: 651-699-4395‚ • Email: info@circusjuventas.org‚ • 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization